Sunday, January 06, 2008

Icicyle Tree

We had snow, then a bit of warm weather, then about 2 1/2 more feet of snow, then very cold weather, and now it is warming up, all the way up to 0 yesterday.

Before the BIG snow (and after the "little" snow) it was warm and the trees were covered in icicyles. The photos don't really do the icicyles justice because when the sun hit them they were all sparkle-y and rainbow-y... still, I thought the photos would give you an idea of the winter beauty.


And here is a photo of Little Boy and me out getting fresh air! Right before it got really cold we actually went out "night sliding". The spot lights shine on the sliding trail and lights it up at night and I figured... why not? I knew it was supposed to get very cold so might as well try to get a bit more exercise in while the getting was good (I still can't believe I actually got a bike ride in recently as we have lots and lots of snow now!). It was really fun and Little Boy was super excited to go sliding at night and then come inside for hot chocolate... believe me, it wasn't really late as it still gets dark fairly early, but he had the feeling that he was sliding in the middle of the night, I'm sure!
On the super cold day we went to the library - just to get out of the house. Along the way we stopped to admire the ocean - which was "steaming" - the air was so cold! It was really beautiful with swirls of steam that looked a bit like fog rising up off the ocean and being swirled around by the wind - but with a brilliant blue sky instead of fogginess. I wish our library was open on Saturdays - we could have used an outing yesterday, but it was 0C so at least we got out to go sliding.


Gail said...

Oh, how I would have loved to see the sea 'steaming' as you described it! Sounds fantastic. I'll bet little boy DID think he was sledding in the middle of the night,how fun.

Susan said...

I, too, would have loved seeing that ocean. What a delightful thing it sounds to go night sledding! That is all just way too cold for me, though. =) I'll stand at the window in the warm house and watch you have fun. =) Thanks for the beautiful tree pics!

loulee1 said...

Sounds like you guys have been enjoying your snow. Little boy must have felt so lucky to be able to go out sliding at 'night'.

Laurie said...

what neat pics and FUN to go sledding again! OH, your jacket is ORANGE!!! Little Boy's favorite color! :oD

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Evelyn, you make the best memories for Little Boy. Night sliding and cocoa afterwards. He is so lucky to have you for a Mom!! I'll bet the ocean with steam rising was a sight to behold.