Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mini Blocks & a binding

16 mini 4" scrappy blocks are finished. Next step is the 7 center blocks which will be stem stitched embroidered leaves. After measuring - my original plan wouldn't fit on the dresser top, but this idea did and I think it looks even better than what I was first planning.

I've been working on other things, here and there too, but no photos yet.

And - you might remember that sometime over the summer I was sewing fun pictures on to 2 flannels to make Little Boy a blanket. He had picked out this mauve 4" blanket binding at Marden's (I think it was about 20 cents a yard?) but the entire project came to a stop when I realized I didn't have this particular color thread. Well, this week I got the great idea to just use thread that I do have - blue and green threads to match the flannel fabrics and sew it all down using a decorative stitch on my machine. I think it came out pretty good (not perfect, but that 4" slippery blanket binding stuff is tricky!) and will use this idea again for kids quilts/blankets.


Joyce said...

Wonderful solutions to problems. I like it when a glitch ends up making something even better than the original plan.

Laurie said...

You dresser topper looks like it is going to be PERFECT!

Susan said...

That will be an interesting runner - I can hardly wait to see the leaves you picked to do on the embroidered blocks. You are so creative!

Great idea for Little Boy's quilt, and now he has it to use.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The minis are wonderful, happy AND scrappy! The binding "trick" is a fun finish, he'll love it!

Linda_J said...

I see you are busy, busy as usual. Did you have any luck finding your leaf embroidery for your alternate blocks? It is going to be a pretty piece once completed to do with the crumb blocks.

Your "not so little anymore boy" looks like he was having a ball enjoying the warmer weather and the mud. I bet he is going to want to play with the hose at every opportunity, LOL.

cher said...

good switch on the tablerunner idea-looking forward to seeing those embroidered blocks-I think your LB is the luckiest to have you for a Momma.
Mud and boys go together-just no doubt about it! accepting and dealing with the results is just much better for everyone to be happy. love the little blocks!

Bonnie said...

The decorative stitches look great and add a nice design to the binding. Good job!

Mary said...

I like the blue and green thread on the binding - good choice!

I'm not sure I understand where you're going with these crumb blocks but I'll be watching as you work on this one.