Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hair Accessory Organizer

All my little hair do-dads were driving me nuts and today I came up with this idea: sorting items in an old wooden silverware tray.
I have a) elastics, b) clips/barrets, c) bobby pins/clips and d) combs. I might re-think the combs because I could use that spot for smaller barrets, but this is what it looked like tonight when I took the photo.
It is an improvement.
Today is Tackle it Tuesday over at www.5minutesformom.com - go take a look to see what everyone else Tackled today! And no, I could NOT figure out how to add the cute computer graphic to my post - maybe next week.


Susan said...

Great job to tackle! I just keep throwing all mine in the same basket. I don't have more than a dozen, though. =) Paul needed to fix my glider - one of the screws had come loose. So he forced me to clean out the pockets on the sides of the chair. There were things I didn't even remember putting in there! =)

Joyce said...

Good idea. I may borrow it. With long hair I have lots of hair stuff that is a big jumble.

Bosco Smith said...

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Joseph Smith said...

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