Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tiny Scraps

These are my tiny scraps - the littliest ittiest bittiest pieces of fabric that I save. Aren't they darlings? You can see the curved edges from cutting out my Dresden Plate blades on some of these - after ironing those edges are trimmed straight with the rotary cutter. I am thinking that I will cut each square 4", but maybe 4.5" or even as large as 5". I am a bit undecided about that!
My intent is to make a nice little table runner for the top of my dresser. I am using all "fall" colors with a touch of brighter yellows, blue and purple for a bit of "pop". A "controlled" scrap quilt, with tiny pieces - my favorite kind of quilt - or table runner in this case. These little blocks are super fun to make. I have lots more done too - just outside of the edge of the photo.
I am thinking an outside "border" of these blocks with an inside cream border embroidered with leaves and then 2 rows of blocks as the center. I just don't have any embroidery pattern, but I am sure that there has to be a free site somewhere on the internet - if you know of one, please let me know! If I can't find what I am looking for maybe I could even draw my own leaf pattern.
My quilt group meets up again next Thursday and I hope to have a neat, tidy stack of blocks all done to show them - they who probably thought maybe I was just a slight bit crazy to keep all those tiny trimmings from my Dresden Plate blades, but were to polite to say so! LOL.
I have a little tote of "bright" colored tiny scraps too... once this one is done I just might have to make a "summer" one with embroidered flowers, or an all blue one with embroidered snowmen, or an all red one with embroidered hearts, or, or, or!!!! Oh yes, I do love my scraps!


Norma said...

I am with you, Evelyn--I save all those little left over bits and make crumb blocks out of them. Once I have a few, they grow into a full size quilt! Like LindaJ says, a quilt hiding in your scrapbag!

Joyce said...

Those tiny scraps would be perfect for a mile-a-minute quilt.

Susan said...

I'm giving you the Make My Day Award - see my quilting blog (still working on the post right now). I love your little tiny scraps going to good use. I am making 6" blocks for an AmHero quilt, and they are so much fun to put together. I've done it as a leader-ender up until now, but the scraps are accumulating too fast! I'm going to have to sit and just sew some into blocks - maybe on Monday.

Susan said...

maple leaf:

From Narnia:

lobed leaf:

Just go to, click on images and type in leaf clipart, you'll get several.

Vicky said...

Sound like the perfect plan for those tiny scraps! And they're out of your stash! Can't wait to see it!

KathySWFL said...

Man those sure are tiny scraps. Hope you post a pic of the tablerunner.

Mary said...

We all must have crumbs on the brain! Tonya laughed at me and said my crumbs weren't all that small but anything too small for a Chinese Coins quilt gets tossed in my crumb bin.....I never used to have a crumb bin unless you count the trash can. Now I save all those little bits.

cher said...

I am a small scrap saver as well-always fun to do mindless sewing with -or in your case a fun table runner-hurray for such an inspiring idea!