Friday, January 04, 2008

Dinner for Two

This is the dinner DH and I fixed... just for the 2 of us for New Year's Eve! Little Boy had his own menu as he seems to be going through another picky eating stage, sigh. But he was very impressed that we were having such a special dinner with THREE candles on the table! Traditionally for New Year's we do a meat fondu with lots of salads. Our salads included: a cubed potatoe salad with mayo and vegetables, pasta salad, bean salad, cucumber salad, tuna salad PLUS store bought bruschetta, spinache dip, goat cheese and a pate. And we had garlic bread. (Had we been in Europe DH's sister would have fixed a multitude of different fish salads as well). Did I mention that all this food was just for the 2 of us? Goodness! But a special occassion calls for a special dinner and we both really enjoyed it. Besides - it kept us nicely in left overs for a few days. Oh - and dessert - yum, yum, yum... we had chocolate fondu with strawberries, banana and rum pound cake. Mmmm. Just before 7 pm we tuned in to an Austrian radio station, did the count down and then they played the traditional waltze and we were in bed well before midnight our time!

On New Year's Eve we also exchange little good luck charms. This year we had marzipan charms and little glass ones. Little Boy also got a stuffed pig. They might be hard to see but there is a horseshoe, pig, chimney sweep, lady bug, mushroom and 2 more pigs - these are all traditional good luck charms.
P.S. Excuse the bare sheetrock - we are, as usual, in some sort of state of construction.


Laurie said...

What a wonderful tradition! Thanks for sharing that Evelyn. We fondue on NYE and have done it for 24 years now!

cher said...

lovely NYE tradition and what a feast!