Thursday, January 10, 2008

Warm Snap!

Weird as it may seem - even though just a few days ago it was below 0 - today we washed the truck. All of a sudden it warmed up, big time! OK, well to about 11 C which is 52F so some of you might not consider that warm, but for January in Canada - that is warm! The snow melted. Little rivers are flowing down the streets. The truck needed to be washed and I needed something to entertain Little Boy outside so I unearthed the hose down in the basement. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone, right? Little Boy had fun, got himself completely wet once he figured out how to set the clip to keep the hose on - point the hose at himself and take a shower and then proceeded to have a grand time in the resulting mud patch.
Ah yeah, I did undress him directly in front of the washing machine and we ate hot chicken noodle/vegetable soup. Not sure how long this weather will last, but at least the truck is clean... for now - and the washing machine is working on the clothes! Yup, these photos definately show exactly WHY I like to have more than 1 complete set of "outer clothes" on hand. What's a Momma to do? Little Boys like mud. Yes, it is good to own a washing machine!
Just to refresh our memory - shall we take one more look at what the trees looked like just a FEW days ago!!!

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Susan said...

Oh, boy that looks like fun! LOL! Actually, while I still wouldn't want to live in 52 very long, it's *so* much better than freezing or lower!