Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wonder Cut Ruler Stars

My Wonder Cut ruler and I got seperated last time I left Austria, but lucky me, DH brought it back this last trip. I've been thinking about making another star quilt using it... except my book with instructions is... where? Not sure, but not where I am! No matter, there is a website with photos and directions. So, I go over there and take a look and still am not entirely sure I remember exactly how to do this (if you buy the ruler - although not necessary - I highly recommend that you get the book too!). Anyway, I send an e-mail to the maker of the ruler - Alice of Walter X2 (Wonder Cut Ruler) and don't you know - she answers all my questions right away. Isn't that great? Because now I can get back to using this ruler, which really is super easy to use once you talk your mind into using it.


I made Cars & Stars using this ruler - here is a photo (minus final navy blue border) from March 2006. The star centers and cornerposts are a car novelty print, hence the name!


Below is a photo of the fabrics I am using this time around. I think there are 3 yards of each (except the blue which is probably 1 to 1.5 yards). I've had this fabric for a very long time (one selvage says copyright 1992) - I thought it was pretty when I bought it and I still do! The big hold up in starting was me trying to decide if the 2 peaches/mauve -whatever color you want to call it (because one is more peach and the other more dusty rose)- went together... and finally I decided to just go ahead and make up a sample block(s) to see. Sometimes you can spend more time thinking about something rather than just sitting down and doing the doing, you know? I think it looks pretty good together, what do you think? So, now I am doing and I've got 3 blocks done and the strips cut for the rest. Should go pretty fast from this point!


Haven't tried this Wonder Cut Ruler out yet? What are you waiting for???


Joyce said...

Those fabrics look just fine together. I guess I'll have to put the Wonder cut Ruler on my list of things I want. i'ts getting pretty long! Lol.

Becky said...

I think they look good together. I really like the cars and stars quilt, cute!

Tamera said...

I LOVE my wonder cut ruler!

I didn't know there was a book, though. What's the title?

cher said...

they do look good together and as usual, your stitching is wonderful