Thursday, January 24, 2008

Smoke Shed Quilt Project

Here is a photo of the 3 quilt blocks I made for the group quilt project. The fabrics are lovely - none of them from my stash as my stash is mostly calicos. But never fear - where quilters are gathered, someone is sure to have the perfect fabric on hand! The fabric for my blocks were contributed by 3 different ladies in the group and look how perfect it all looks together.

These blocks are representative of Herring Smoke Sheds which used to be a vital part of the local industry in our area - and I will share the history of the sheds in another post.

Here is a photo of some of the tiny pattern pieces! Someone else in the group gave me a copy of the pattern all traced out on freezer paper. I cut it apart, ironed it down on my fabric, stacked 3 layers of fabric and cut all 3 blocks at the same time - adding the 1/4" seam as I cut. Thank goodness for freezer paper or else I am not sure how I would have ever kept track of all the pieces (each piece of freezer paper is labeled).

And here is a photo of what our group project looked like today! The blocks are just tacked onto a background for the time being - we are waiting for the fabric that was ordered for the sashings/borders to arrive in the mail! I am really enjoying my quilting group.


Kathie said...

these are wonderful!!!!
I love the shape of the building..
can't wait to see the quilt finished

Joyce said...

I love your group project. The colors are just perfect. Well done.

dot said...

What a great group project and looks like everyone had fun.

Laurie said...

WOW...that is AMAZING!!! What a neat group and project!

Lindah said...

Nice quilt! Love the swish of the roof lines. It adds energy and movement.

JudyL said...

Even with those blocks just tacked up, they look like a painting. That is going to be gorgeous and historic!

cher said...

very impressive