Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shoveling Roofs

It snowed again so our state of snowlessness is now over. Which means that we spent a fair amount of time outside today sliding with that wonderful sled, playing snowballs... and shoveling roofs. We have a series of connecting flat roofs and they all need to be shoveled when it snows. Because of the wonderful wind we had some big drifts up on these roofs - a couple of feet in some places.

Thankfully we do have that big red roof with a nice steep pitch!


Oh, and don't worry about my son - he is way back from any drop off edge - even the one where it looks like he is sitting on the edge - that is actually just a little ledge that drops down about 2 feet to another flat roof.


Here are some more shots from today - pretty, isn't it? The birds are from yesterday - you can tell a storm is coming when that many birds appear! They are finches. I throw extra seed down on the ground... the apples are left over from the apples we picked this fall from our tree - there is a little red squirrel who likes them!


Laurie said...

What fun!!! I love the quilt below as well! Your blog is such a joy to read!

Darcie said...

And it looks like it weighs a ton with each scoopful! But it is pretty, isn't it?!

Love the collage of pictures, Evelyn!

Karen said...

wow that snow is pretty.

Janet said...

Hi Evelyn: What great snow pictures! Your little boy had a ball! That's clear. You manage to get so much accomplished - little guys are fun at that age but very time-consuming, aren't they?
Janet in equally snowy Nova Scotia - on the Bay of Fundy.

Susan said...

I'll bet Little Boy was having a great time on the roof. He might as well go up with you, and take care of the curiosity factor, rather than managing to get up by himself sometime.

Jeanne said...

Ooooh, what an adventure to be up high on the roof!
Jeanne :)